SERTOMA 4th of July Celebration

Red Poppy Bike Ride

SERTOMA Flag Program

Speech & Hearing

Garage Sale

2011-12 New Officers

Chairman of the Board
Bill Marsh

Paul Hooper

President Elect
Perry Walker

Nancy Marsh

Jeannie Fischer

Sergeant of Arms
Allen Munson

Director, Sponsorships
Mike Cook

Director, National Heritage
Bill Marsh

Director, Memberships
Jim Wilson

Director, Scholarships
Bob Phillips

Director, Awards
Paul Hooper

Serteen Advisors
Sara Konovalaski
Pete Blakely
Karen Powell

Director, Speach & Hearing
Jim Wilson

Director, Publicity
David Hooper
Linda Moffett

Director, Programs
Jim Montgomery

Director, Flag Program
Mike Marshall

Inter Club Representative
Pete Blakely

Red Poppy Ride
Mike Cook, Chairman
Bill Marsh

4th of July
Roy Holiday, Chairman Emeritus
Perry Walker 2012 Chairman

Nathan Chapman Ceremony
Len Fischman, Chairman

Social Director
Ellen Dutkiewicz



Mission Statement

Sertoma exists for the high and noble purpose of SERVICE TO MANKIND by communication of thoughts, ideas and concepts to accelerate human progress in health, education, freedom and democracy.

Individual Opportunities

As an International organization, Sertoma's impact is not limited by boundaries, gender, race or religion. The unifying attribute among members is a genuine commitment of service to mankind. Sertoma provides the individual member opportunities for growth. In helping others, members appreciate the fellowship shared at regular club meetings and developed by working sponsorships. Sertoma offers you a chance to demonstrate leadership abilities, to develop interpersonal skills at the committee and project levels and in public speaking.

Members also appreciate the value of teamwork by raising money for worthy causes. Through Sertoma, you will learn more about your community and its urgent priorities. Sertoma Clubs bring together business and civic leaders who identify and prioritize local needs. Finally, a priceless benefit is the very special opportunity to form lasting relationships with diverse individuals throughout Sertoma. Joining SERTOMA means giving of yourself in many ways, but in serving others you serve yourself as well.

Georgetown SERTOMA Club was chartered in 1979 as a 501c(3). The club has grown steadily since then. The Georgetown Club is a dynamic organization. It is well organized and active in the community.

Over 40 members contribute their time and energy to club projects.

The Georgetown SERTOMA Club is a breakfast club. The Club meets every Thursday from 6:30-7:30 am. We currently meet at IHOP in Georgetown on IH 35. Over 50% of the membership attends each meeting.

Membership interest is sustained through stimulating weekly speakers, enjoyable social programs and meaningful projects that have a visible impact on the community.


* Jim Wilson
Windle Kelly
Harry Moore
* Wayne Meadows
Jim Spikes
Paul Hindelang
Tim Kennedy
Jack Duncan
Roger Taylor
* Jim McKee
Bill James
Cliff Saxon
Jim Offield
Jim Martin
** Sue Meadows
Jim Fitzgerald
** Roy Holliday
** Steve Almquist 95 - 96
Ellen Dutkiewicz 96 - 97
Bill Talley 97 - 98
Russell Dutkiewicz 98 - 99
** Jim Wilson 99 - 00
* Jim Thompson 00 - 01
Linda Graves 01 - 02
Leroy Lockrey 02 - 03
Alycia Henneman 03 - 04
Phillip Riley 04 - 05
Roger Taylor 05 -06
* David Hooper 06 - 07
* Paul Hooper 07 - 08
Pat Cook 08 - 09
Mike Cook 08 - 09
Mike Marshall 09 -10
Bob Phillips 10-11
Bill Marsh 11-12

* Heart of Texas District Winner
** Heart of America Regional Winner


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Georgetown, TX 78627-0853
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