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SERTOMA’s primary service project is assisting the more than 50 million American people with speech, hearing and language disorders.

Georgetown SERTOMA is dedicated to helping the people in Williamson County by providing resources for testing, treatment and equipment to help with hearing disorders.  We have partnerships with Lone Star Circle of Care, Georgetown GISD and with UT Speech & Hearing Center.

SERTOMA started a program called SHARP (Sertoma Hearing Aid Recycling Program).  Our club has 8 collection centers for collection of hearing aids that are then recycled through a program at the University of Texas Speech and Hearing Center.

Cook Hearing and Balance recently donated 20 new hearing aids to Georgetown Sertoma (part of the 60 hearing aids given to Central Texas Sertoma Clubs valued at $60,000). Numerous qualified recipients have received hearing aids as a result of the program.

Persons with hearing problems have been helped through the installation of “looping” systems in the City of Georgetown City Council Chambers and City Library meeting rooms.  This induction loop technology donated by Georgetown Sertoma and Estes Audiology allows persons to use modern digital hearing aids equipped with at telecoil (t-coil) to hear better.  Sound is transmitted wirelessly from a microphone to a persons’s hearing aid.  Additional locations are in the planning stages.

Estes Audiology Hearing Centers and Sertoma Introduce New Induction Loop Technology to Central Texas

Hard of Hearing Will Now Be “In the Loop” during Georgetown City Council Meetings and at the Georgetown Public Library. Read the PRWeb Article

Mayor and Sertoma

2nd Annual Hearing Aid Roundup

Friday the 13th was a great day for the hearing community. At the invitation of Estes Audiology the club participated in the 2nd Annual Hearing Aid Roundup at their Sun City office. Under Speech and Hearing Director Jim Wilson's leadership 103 used hearing aids were collected making the day a resounding Success. Sertomans helping Jim were Roy Holliday, Chris Mealy, Paul and Kathleen Hooper and Mike Marshall helped with the event. Hot dogs and potato chips were served to the people attending.

Hearing Aid Round Up


On December 19, the Georgetown and Round Rock Sertoma Clubs presented checks for $5,000 each to officials at the Lone Star Circle of Care. This money will be used to furnish two Ero-Scans, devices used to screen hearing for clients at the clinics.  The two Sertoma Clubs have combined efforts to provide a total of three Ero-Scan devices, the third one to be funded early next year.

Participants left to right: Mark Welch, CFO Lone Star Circle of Care; Jim Wilson, Speech & Hearing Director for Georgetown Sertoma; Ron Heine, Georgetown Sertoma President; Pete Perialas, CEO Lone Star Circle of Care; Ann Shove, Round Rock Sertoma President.  Sertoma Clubs nationwide have a common mission of assisting those with speech and hearing difficulties.

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